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Attention Authors!

"Everyone has a voice, and it's your turn to be heard"

Discover the excitement!

Imagine the excitement you'll feel when you are one of the first to discover the next Christie, Nishimura, Rowling or Grisham! There are close to 1 million new books written every year. Many of these incredible literary works may never even reach the millions of readers who are starving for something new and exciting. BangoBook is here to introduce you to many of these literary geniuses. You are now able to select your favorite genre, select a country, and scroll through a wide variety of authors. You can then read up to two chapters of their newest book. If you decide that you want to purchase the complete book, you'll be able to download their works at a fraction of the normal cost for eBooks!

Register and Start Selling Today - "Coming Soon!"

If you are an author, and have written a book, play, script, poem, or other literary work, this is the website for you. You will be able to upload up to two chapters, or a similar amount if it's a script or other literary work. It will be available on BangoLounge for our users to read. If they like what they see, users will have the option of purchasing your work. You set the retail price of your work. Typically authors make 10% on the first 5000 books they sell. Sell your works on BangosWorld, and keep 75%! That's right! You get the lions share of the profits. As of now, we are building this fabulous feature for the authors to use, so at this point, we suggest uploading just a few chapters for users to read. We will inform both author and readers when your work is available for purchase, which will be very soon.

First register to become a BangosWorld member. Click on BangoLounge, scroll down the top navigation button, and click on "Up-load your content" Then follow the simple directions. That's it! Users will be able to see your profile, learn about who you are, and read the works you have written. As an artist, you'll be able to start your own forums & threads. Communicate with your fans, and possibly appear live on BangoWebTV, where the whole world can meet you, and hear about what's important to you. Remember "Everyone has a voice, and it's your turn to be heard"

Important Notice

Adult content works (pornography) are strictly forbidden on this website. Anyone caught uploading this content will have their profile terminated immediately. We assume no responsibility for this. Read at your own risk.

Attention International Authors!

We are currently setting up our international section where non- English writing authors can upload their literary works in their own language. Our website will be able to translate your works into what ever language the user is using. This will enable you to reach all parts of the world and sell your literary works. Please stay tuned for additional information.


 "I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."

- Robert Frost