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BangosWorld is a great place for you to expose your Film or video project to the world. You'll be able to upload your film & videos, pictures & other important information about your project. You'll also be able to create forums & threads about your project, synopsis information, movie releases, and just about anything you can write about on BangoBabble, our social network. You can use our applications to expand on your creative talents, impress both independent and major studio production companies, producers, directors, actors, and create legions of new fans, as well as connect with old ones.

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Once you have created your artist profile, you can browse our other areas within BangosWorld. Participate in our penny auction on BangoBid. Share your thoughts on BangoBabble. You might even have a chance to appear on one our video & film show specials on BangoWebTV! Music, games, literary works and films are all available on our website at no charge, except where noted.

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- Frank Capra