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BangoLounge FAQ

Q - How does BangoLounge work?
A - BangoLounge is where artists (Musicians, authors, game developer and film-makers) upload their projects. Lounge users will be able to go in and select different genres of media and both interact and enjoy these projects.


Q - How do I upload my project?
A - Go to BangoLounge and scroll down the top navigational bar to "Upload your project" Pick your area of expertise and just follow the directions. Once you have uploaded your project, you can finish your artist profile with additional elements of your project.


Q - I am having problems uploading my project?
A - Each upload category has certain requirements, and will only take certain files. Example: all photos can only be: jpegs files. Movies/films/videos can only be: lv, avi, mpg, mp4, mov and wmv files. Music is: mp3 files. Games are: swf files. Books are: pdf, doc, docx files.


Q - What are all the links/boxes on the left side of the BangoLounge profile page?
A - Each one of the links has to do with a different area of BangosWorld. BangoBid - penny auction, BangoBabble - social network, BangoLounge - artist area, General - basic info. This allows you greater control of all your accounts & profiles.


Q - How can I get my project featured on the main page?
A - We monitor the artist accounts and choose according to the amount of fans, as well as certain criteria’s for that month.


Q - How do I get my project featured on BangoWebTV artist specials?
A - We monitor the artist accounts and choose according to the genre originality, as well as certain criteria’s for those particular shows. Also note that we appreciate artists that bring in exceptionally high fans numbers. If you feel you are one of them, you can always email us and bring that to our attention.


Q - What is BangoDash?
A - BangoDash is a dashboard that let's you monitor multiple applications while you are engaged with other areas of the website.Here you can monitor your penny auctions, and check your Buddy list that shows whether they are online or not. If they are online, just click on their name and have an instant private chat with them. Clicking the green +, opens it, clicking the red x, closes it.

Q - How do I sell my book on BangoBooks?
A - When you are uploading your book content, you'll see: "Number of Pages" & "Number of Preview Pages". The number of preview pages is what a user can read for free. The "Number of Pages" is the whole amount of page content of your book. The author sets their own retail price. The author is paid 75% of the retail price paid for by each user.