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BangoBabble FAQ

Q - How does BangoBabble work?
A - BangoBabble is a great way to interact with artists on BangoLounge and BangoBabble. Once you create a profile on Babble, you'll be able to interact with your favorite artists on BangoLounge, as well as other "Buddies" on BangoBabble. There are multiple applications available for you to converse, share, upload photos & videos, blogging, and meeting other users.


Q - What is the forum?
A - The forum / thread, is where you can start conversations by clicking on what topics are currently available in forums. Then creating a subject sub-topic/forum. Example: You can go to "General Discussions" and start a thread about about "Greatest movies of the 70's" or "My favorite Dessert recipes" or really anything you want. Once you create your forum sub-subject, other users will be able to comment on what you wrote about, reply to it, and see what other users have commented on your discussion subjects. BangoLounge artists can also create forums about their project to get their fans to interact with them. We believe "Everyone has a voice, and it's your turn to be heard"


Q - What is a "Buddy?"
A - A buddy is another user who has requested to be your friend, and is accepted by you. Once accepted, they can see all the activity on your profile.


Q - What is "Audio Message" on my Babble profile?
A - This is where you can record a daily audio message for your buddies to listen to. To record, just click on "Audio Message", and click on "allow" this will enable you to record using your computers built in microphone. You have 30 seconds of recorded time. Once complete, this audio message will appear on your wall. This is a great way to get personal with your buddies. Writing is good; but actually hearing your buddies voice is awesome!


Q - What are favorites on my BangoBabble profile?
A - When you are on BangoLounge, and you like a particular song, movie, game, or book, you can click underneath it on "Add Favorite" this will then make it appear in your Babble profile under "Favorites" Other users will be able to see what you like and comment on them. This also helps users to become familiar with other users likes and dislikes.


Q - What is BangoDash?
A - BangoDash is a dashboard that let's you monitor multiple applications while you are engaged with other areas of the website. Here you can monitor your penny auctions, and check your Buddy list that shows whether they are online or not. Clicking the green +, opens it, clicking the red x, closes it.

One of the best functions of BangoDash, is to be able to "instant chat" with your Buddies. At the bottom of BangoDash is "MY BUDDIES" Next to each name is "chat" By clicking on this, a "chat screen" pops up on the lower right side of the screen. Here you can instant chat with your buddies! The screen stays up while you visit other site areas, and the chat is private!

Q - What are the functions on your Babble profile?

A - See Below answers

- Gives you information about what's happening on your profile, and what your buddies are doing.
Info - Shows your basic information, Relationship, Education and Work
Buddies - Shows Buddy avatars, whether they are online or not, and let's you chat if they are online.
Favorites - Shows what your favorite movies, music, books, games are on BangoLounge. Click on icon and it takes you there.
Photos - Click here to upload and see your profile photos.
Videos - Click here to upload and see your videos.
Account Settings - These settings let you control who sees what's on your profile.
Messages - This setting lets you see your messages. i.e. All, Unread, Archived
Notifications - Notifies you when your buddies comment on something.
Home - Shows conversations, info, comments, audio messages, etc. on your profile.
Profile - Shows you who you became buddies with.
Find Buddies - Let's you search out potential buddies.